Image of Arthur von Boennighausen Soloing Middle Teton Peak in Grand Teton National Park.


In 1944 the French Alpinist, Poet, Surrealist, Sanskritist and pupil of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff who called himself RenÚ Daumal; told the story of eight Knowledge-Seeking artists and scholars who set out in Quest of a mysterious Mountain that unites Heaven and Earth.

This book continues the story started by Daumal who died, leaving the novel to end in midsentence. Mt. Analogue is a Vision of a cosmic axis linking the human realm of civilization to a higher order of existence.

RenÚ died of tuberculosis before finishing telling us of his own ascent of Mount Analogue; but before he died he Communicated to us one of the basic laws of this metaphysical mountain. I offer you here RenÚs own words:

"To reach the summit, one must proceed from encampment to encampment. But before setting out for the next refuge, one must prepare those coming after to occupy the place one is leaving. Only after having prepared them can one go on up. That is why, before setting out for a new refuge, we had to go back down in order to pass our Knowledge on to other Seekers."

We offer the reader an account of our own attempt to ascend this mysterious peak.