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name that wildflower!
by nathan wilson & arthur von boennighausen

hold your cursor over each of the 40 pictures to see the name of the flower. we haven't found names for some of them; let us know if you can help!



indian paintbrush

apple blossums on the reiser's prairie....... planted by german colonists in the 1800s...... this tree is 200 years old and still bears fruit





cactus  fleabane aster  clover   ?

raspberry  chickweed  sunflower   ?

erigeron daisy  wild rose  stonecrop  delphinium

clover  fireweed  sugar bowl  geranium

blackeyed susan  parry gentian  rocky mtn. iris/blue flag  spotted coralroot

 ?  rockjasmine/androsace  potentilla/cinqefoil  wandbloom penstemon

erysimum wallflower  mariposa lily  yarrow  vetch

firecracker penstemon  nodding onion/leek  salsify  water hemlock

 ?    ?   indian paintbrush  columbine

harebell  larkspur  mtn. parsely/pseudocympterus  scarlet star gilia



















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rocky mountain iris/blue flag









alpine sandwort/avalanche flower ?








most of these wild flowers were picked or photographed at the base of 13,450' horn peak, near the village of westcliffe, colorado in the sacred valley of the sierra mojada. some of the flowers were pressed and dried. we use olympus 35mm film cameras and olympus digital cameras with a variety of lenses.

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