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Dear Friends:

The following on-line catalog is published to give you a feel for the type of books that are offered by "The Scriptorium". The catalog is badly out of date and the bookseller; Templar St. Arthur should be contacted for inquiries into what is currently in his collection. Professor St. Arthur has the role of Teacher during the day and has minimal time to keep the on-line catalog up to date and support our desire for rare and interesting books.

Professor of Mountaineering, Teacher, Bookseller, Eccentric Medievalist and Head Librarian of "The Scriptorium". Possibly the greatest living authority in the field of literature pertaining to Mountaineering and Exploration. What would Mountaineering be without the wonderful books that document our Quests and Communicate what we have Learned on the Mountain?

The name Scriptorium comes from Medieval times and is the name for the library in a Monastary.

We wanted to expose the Internet Community to the wealth of literature generated from the Community of Alpinists and give you the opportunity to deal with one of the legendary booksellers that you might not have had the pleasure to meet without the Internet.

Thanks for Listening.... Read Books and Climb "Forever !".....

Arthur von Boennighausen


The following books are mostly previously owned though a small number may be new from the publisher. Because of the nature of a secondary market the books are subject to prior sale. I might mention that an early call to reserve a title at the above phone number may help ensure its purchase. All books are returnable.

Condition is given on a scale; Fair - Good - Very Good [Minus] (VG-) - Very Good (VG) - Fine - As New, with Fair being a disbound book falling apart to As New being indistinguishable from a book on a new book store's shelf. When ratings are separated by a front slash (/) the first indicates the book's condition and the second, the Dust Jacket. When only one rating appears there is no Dust Jacket

Postage: $2 for the first book, $1 each additional. Foreign and special orders sent with estimated postage extra. Please make payment to the Sangre de Cristo Mountaineering School. Some abbreviations follow:

BCE Book Club Edition

Rep. or Rpt. Reprint

Ed., Eds. Edition (s), or Editor (s)

FEP, FFEP Front endpaper or Front free Endpaper

Photos - Late 18th and early 20th century: Many larger antiquarian photos of mountain and climbing scenes are available. Please inquire if you have an interest. Here are a few smaller early 20th century pieces.

[Photograph], Early 3x5 photo postcard of Cathedral Peak, Kicking Horse Pass.. .....$7.00

[Photograph], Early photo postcard of now extinct Camp Muir Cabin at 10,000ft. on Mt. Rainier.. .....$12.00

[Photographs], Ca. 1930. Heinie and Hans Fuhrer, in traditional guide garb with Rainier as background. The Fuhrer's were important N.A. figures and were member's of Bruce's trip in the Himalaya. 3x5 Photo post card.. .....$17.50

[Photographs], 7 early 2.5x 3 photos of Rainier Nat'l Park.. .....$7.00

1. Achille-Ratti, Abate (His Holiness Pope Pius XI). Climbs on Alpine Peaks. London 1923. 136p. Signed And Dated the year after publication by His Holiness. Fine .....$225.00

2. Alaska Geographic, Southeast: Alaska's Panhandle. 1978. wraps 191p. Foldout Map, Vol. 5 #2. Fine .....$17.50

3. Alberts, Edwin C.. Rocky Mountain National Park Wash. DC 1954. wraps 68p. Natural History Handbook Series #3. Ex lib. VG- .....$7.00

4. Ament, Pat. A Climber's Playground: A guide to the Boulders of Flagstaff Mountain. Boulder 1980. 4to wraps 45p. First Edition. Fine .....$17.00

5. Ament, Pat. Rockwise: Reflections, Safety, and Technique in Rock Climbing. Boulder 1978. wraps 169p. First Edition. Photos by Tom Frost and Tom Higgins and the Author. Fine .....$9.00

6. Ament, at and Jim Erickson. 5.10: A Rock Climber's Route Guide to Boulder, Colorado. Boulder 1972. soft cloth 168p. Linen cover, photo illustrated. Fine .....$23.50

7. Ames,.Evelyn. In Time Like Glass: Reflections on a Journey in Asia.Boston 1974..174p. First Edition. A well written account that brings the author through Kashmir and Nepal. In Nepal she recounts a brief encounter with members of the Argentinian Everest Expedition and being shown the film, Americans on Everest. Fine/Fine......$27.00

8. Anonymous, (J.S.). A Visit to the "Great Yosemite": Articles in Scribners. NY 1871. 4p. A full six months in 3/4 leather, raised bands, gilt lettering. Articles on Yellowstone and on Mountains. The latter by J.T. Headley. One page framed "comic" style illustration of a humorous ascent of Mount Washington. VG .....$35.00

9. Anonymous, [Mary Russell]. In the Mountains. NY 288p. A diary of a women's stay in the mountains of Switzerland after WW1. VG .....$16.00

10. Armstrong, Betsy and Knox Williams. The Avalanche Book CO 1986. 231p. First person accounts of avalanches and other relevant material. Illustrated. Fine/VG .....$16.00

11. Arps, Louisa Ward and E.E. Kingery. High Country Names: Rocky Mountain National Park. Denver 1966. paperback 212p. 1st ed.. fine .....$21.00

12. Arthaud, Claude. The Andes: Roof of America. NY 1956. 4to 185p. Silvertone photos. Mostly cultural material. Stains to top edges. VG- .....$15.00

13. Arthur, Elizabeth. Beyond the Mountain NY 1983. 211p. First Edition. Minuscule closed tears on dj. Fine/Fine .....$18.00

15. Auran, John Henry. America's Ski Book NY 1966. 473p. General Survey. VG/Ch DJ .....$10.00

16. Baedeker's, Switzerland: and the Adjacent Regions of Italy, Savoy, and the Tyrol. Leipzig 1891. 1891. vg 39 maps, 11 plans, 12 panoramas.. VG- .....$20.00

17. Bamberger, Dave and Bob Glaze. Climber's Guide to Eleven Mile Canyon. CO 1979. pamphlet 25p. Hard to find 1st ed.. fine .....$17.00

18. Barber, Henry. A Climber's Guide to Mt. Washington Valley: 1973 Supplement. NP 1973. wraps 17p. First Edition done shortly after Cote's guide of the same title. A feverish period of activity allowed 38 changes to Cote's guide: freeing aid climbs, new climbs primarily. VG .....$35.00

20. Bauer, Walter. Mount Everest: Bericht von Mallory und seinen Freuden. 1952. 12mo 61p. In German. non library rsm on cover. VG .....$45.00

21. Bear, Ruedi. Pianta Su: Ski Like the Best. Boston 1976. 159p. Fine/VG .....$15.00

22. Bechtold, Fritz. Nanga Parbat Adventure. NY 1936. sm 4to 93p. First Edition spine darkened. VG .....$20.00

23. Beckey, Fred. Challenge of the North Cascades Seattle 1977. Softcover 280p. VG .....$32.00

24. Beckey, Fred. Darrington and Index Rock Climbing Guide Seattle 1976. wraps 63p. First Edition. Includes publisher's errata of Giant Green Buttress. Fine .....$13.00

25. Beckey, Fred. Cascade Alpine Guide: Climbing and High routes 1: Columbia river to Stevens Pass. Seattle 1987. 328p. Second Edition, first printing. VG .....$17.00

26. Beckey, Fred. Mountains of North America: The great peaks and ranges of the continent with images by 58 eminent nature photographers. SF 1982. 4to 255p. First Edition. Fine/Fine .....$37.00

27. Bender, Paul. Gormergrat Panorama Zurich ND. oblong A long color photo panorama 6x44 inches. Pre war vintage. Fine .....$35.00

28. Benton, Kenneth. Craig and the Jaguar. London 1973. 223p. Fiction set at 17,000 feet in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. First Edition review slip laid in. Fine/Fine .....$18.00

29. Benuzzi, F.. No Picnic on Mount Kenya NY 1953. 8vo 239p. Guaranteed to be an enjoyable read. vg sl ch dj .....$25.00

30. Bernard, Theos. Penthouse of the Gods 1939 NY 1st ed. vg title rubbed.. Westerner becomes monk in Tibet .....$37.00

31. Bernstein, Jeremy.. The Wildest Dreams of Kew. NY 1970. 186p. First Edition. Fine/Fine .....$17.50

32. Bickel, Lennard. Mawson's Will: The Greatest Survival Story Ever Written. NY 1977. 237p. Rep. identical to first. Highly Recommended. Fine/Fine .....$22.00

33. Billings, Marland et al.. The Geology of the Mt. Washington Quadrangle New Hampshire. Concord 1965. pamphlet 56p. Foldout map of the area. VG .....$35.00

34. Birkett, Bill. Classic Rock Climbs in Great Britain. UK 1986. 171p. A nicely illustrated book. Fine/Fine .....$25.00

35. Blashford-Snell, John. A Taste for Adventure UK 1978. 192p. Reader's Union, Includes prospecting River Trisuli. Fine/Fine .....$12.00

36. Bliss, L.C.. Alpine Zone of the Presidential Range. Urbana 1963. paper 68p. photos. fine .....$7.00

38. Boissonnas, F., Publisher. Champery and the Dent du Midi Switzerland Geneva ND. early 20th cent. wraps 5p. An additional eleven pages of sepiatone illustrations. Fine .....$25.00

39. Bonatti, Walter. On The Heights. London 1964. 248p. Ex lib with a trimmed DJ. VG .....$115.00

40. Bonington, C.J.. Annapurna South Face. NY 1971. 334p. First Edition with fine dust jacket. Fine/Fine .....$37.00

41. Bonington, Chris.. The Ultimate Challenge.: The hardest way up the highest mountain in the world. NY 1973. 352p. First Edition. Fine/Fine .....$25.00

42. Bowen, Ezra. The Book of American Skiing Phil. 1963. 4to 300p. Omnibus work. stained cover. vg- .....$7.00

43. Bowman, Isaiah. The Andes of Southern Peru: Geographical Reconnaissance Along the 73rd Meridian. NY 1916. 336p. Neate B147. Ex lib 1st ed. Foldout topo. VG .....$25.00

44. Bowman, Isaiah. Forest Physiography: Physiography of the United States and Principle of Soils in Relation to Forestry. NY 1911. 730p. First Edition, First Thousand stated. Two foldout maps, one worn. VG .....$35.00

45. Brailsford, J.. Dolomites West - East. London 1970. Two volumes, first edition by Brailsford. Guides. Covers are Bright. Fine .....$24.00

46. Brent, Peter. Captain Scott and the Antarctic Tragedy NY 1974. sm 4to 223p. Nicely illustrated. Fine/Fine .....$23.00

47. Bridwell, Jim. Climbing Adventures: A Climber's Passion. Merrillville 1992. Softcover 209p. I've heard positive statements from readers of the book. New .....$16.50

48. Brink, Jim. A Climber's Guide to Creedmore Crag and Cinco de Mayo Ft. Collins ND. paper 4p. 2nd ed. single sheet folded once on the inadvertent discovery of the climbing area. Fine .....$7.00

49. Brochure, Bernese Wonderland Wraps NP. Early tourist guide to the Bernese Oberland, stains condition less than VG. VG- .....$13.00

50. Brockman, C. Frank. Trees of Mount Rainier National Park Seattle 1949. Pamphlet 49p. First Edition Univ. of Wash. Press. Fine .....$13.00

51. Brooks, Benjamin. "The Enchanted Mesa": Article from Scribners 1904. NY 1904. 5p. Ropes were used to haul a party up this free standing chunk in the desert.. VG .....$17.00

52. Bryans, Robin. Gateway to the Khyber. London 1959. 173p. Ex lib with few marks and none on Spine of book or DJ. VG/Ch DJ .....$23.00

53. Buckley, Michael and Robert Strauss. Tibet: A Travel Survival Kit. Berkeley 1986. softcover 256p. A Lonely Planet first edition. VG .....$17.00

54. Bueler, William. Roof of the Rockies: A History of Mountaineering in Colorado. Boulder 1974. 200p. First Edition. Fine/Fine .....$25.00

55. Bueler, William M.. Mountains of the World: a handbook for climbers and hikers.. Rutland 1970. Softcover 279p. First Edition in a green leatherette, waterproof cover. VG .....$9.00

56. Burdsall, Richard L.. "Collecting Blue Sheep Near Tatsienlu": Article in the American Field Naturalist" 1933. NY 1933. Wraps 2p. This piece of Burdsall's concerned his trip to Minya Konka and is in the second issue of an early primitively done magazine for Naturalist's. Scarce. Fine .....$65.00

57. Burpee, Lawrence J.. Among the Canadian Alps. NY 1914. 239p. sl. stain to 3 pages. vg .....$75.00

58. Butler, Samuel. Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited: or, Over the Range. London 1927. 12mo 324p. The first chapter is true to the authors climbing experience in New Zealand. Modern Library, rev. ed. Fiction. In Neate VG $7.00

59. Carr, Brownell. Black Bread and Cabbage Soup. Ohio 1936. 320p. First Edition, Edge wear, Darkened. Travels in Soviet Russia and through the Caucasus. VG- .....$27.00

60. Carson, Russell M.L.. Peaks and People of the Adirondacks. NY 1927. 269p. Illustrated with photos and drawings. 1st ed.. vg .....$29.00

61. Chapman, Lieut. Col. Spencer. "The 'Divine Queen of Mountains' Climbed at Last": Photo page in the Illustrated London News. UK 1937. Folio 1p. distant view and summit shot of Chomolhari. Fine .....$15.00

63. Clark, Miles. High Endeavors: The extraordinary life and adventures of Miles and Beryl Smeeton. Canada 1991. softcover 447p. Mostly sailing but includes climbing adventures. The Smeetons lives were certainly charmed and will engross lovers of adventure. Fine .....$11.00

64. Clark, R.. The Day the Rope Broke: the triumphant first ascent of the Matterhorn. NY 1965. 8vo 221p. fine in dj Whympers ascent is described along with the incredible tragedy.on the descent.....$25.00

65. Clark, Ronald. The Alps. NY 1979. sm 4to A very nicely done survey of the Alps. Well illustrated VG/VG DJ .....$27.00

66. Clark, Ronald. The Early Alpine Guides. NY 1950. 1st ed.. The early guides carry an incredible history with them and they should not be forgotten in the shadows of the illustrious members of the Alpine Club. VG/CH DJ .....$25.00

67. Cleland, Robert Glass. From Wilderness to Empire: A History of California. NY 1959. 445p. First Edition thus. Foldout Map. "A Combined and Revised Edition of Wilderness to Empire (1542-1900) and California in Our Time (1900-1940), edited and brought down to date by Glenn S. Dumke". VG .....$25.00

68. Clinch, Nick. A Walk in the Sky Seattle 1983. 214p. Hidden Peak, the only Eight-Thousander First Ascent by Americans. SIGNED BY NICK CLINCH. AS NEW .....$48.00

69. Clinch, Nick. A Walk in the Sky Seattle 1983. 214p. Hidden Peak. Clean ex lib. First Edition. Fine/VG .....$12.00

70. Clyde, Norman. Norman Clyde of the Sierra Nevada: Rambles Through the Range of Light. San Francisco 1971. wraps 172p. Scrimshaw Press. "28 essays on the Mountains" and many photographs. Fine .....$135.00

71. Cobbold, Ralph P.. Innermost Asia: Travel and Sport in the Pamirs. London 1900. 345p. Ex lib. Few tears in map. Worn. Good + .....$215.00

72. Coburn, Broughton. Nepali Aama: Portrait of a Nepalese Hill Woman. Santa Barbara 1982. Softcover 165p. 1st edition well illustrated. Coburn lived several years with the woman of the books title. VG .....$17.50

73. Coleman, Satis N.. Volcanoes: New and Old. NY 1946. 222p. Great Illustrations. VG .....$25.00

74. Collie, J. Norman. Climbing on the Himalaya and other Mountain Ranges. Edinburgh 1902. 315p. Collie was a renown scientist, climber and after reading his words, writer. This important book on early Himalayan climbing recounts the last journey of Mummery's and sets the stage for attacking the highest mountains on earth. chip top of sp. else Bright.. vg+ .....$600.00

75. Collier, Michael. The Geology of Denali National Park Anchorage 1989. pamphlet 48p. VG .....$7.00

76. Collomb, R.G.. Alpine Club Guide Books: 2. Selected Climbs in the Pennine Alps. London 1968. 150p. 1st Collomb ed. Vol. II Arolla and Western Ranges. Fine .....$10.00

77. Collomb, R.G.. Alpine Club Guide Books: 2. Selected Climbs in the Pennine Alps. London 1968. 290p. 1st Collomb ed. Vol.1 Saas Fee, Zermatt and Zinal. Fine .....$10.00

78. Collomb, R.G.. Alpine Club Guide Books: 5. Selected Climbs in the Bernese Alps. London 1968. 223p. From the Lotschenpass to the Grimselpass. fine .....$13.00

79. Collomb, R.G.. Alpine Club Guide Books: 1. Selected Climbs in the Mont Blanc Range. Vol. I and Vol. II. London 1967. 176p. 1st Collomb ed.. Fine .....$23.00

80. Collomb, R.G.. Alpine Club Guide Books: 4.Selected Climbs in the Dauphiné and Vercours. London 1968. 176p. 1st Collomb ed.. Fine .....$10.00

81. Collomb, Robin. Bernina Alps. Reading 1968. 141p. First thus. VG .....$7.00

82. Collomb, Robin. Maritime Alps: Vésubie basin and Argentera. Reading 1968. 100p. First thus. VG .....$7.00

83. Conway, W.M.. Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram-Himalayas. NY 1894. 709p. This copy of the first American ed. shows few signs of wear . Fine .....$475.00

84. Cook, Frederick A.. To the Top of the Continent: Discovery, Exploration and Adventure in Sub-Arctic Alaska. The First Ascent of Mt. McKinley, 1903-1906. NY 1908. 321p. Rebound Library copy. Cook's faked account of climbing Mt. McKinley is among the most famous of exploration hoaxes and is a sought after title for the Alaskan or climbing library.. VG- .....$85.00

85. Cooper, David J.. Brooks Range Passage 1st ed. signed by the author fine in dj. .....$27.00

86. Cote, Joseph. A Climber's Guide to Mt. Washington Valley. MA 1972. wraps 96p. First Edition. Early guide. Fine .....$37.00

87. Coulson, David. The Roof of Africa: text by James Clarke. NY 1983. 4to 240p. Fine photos, the southern tip of Africa. Valuable resource for the area. Includes climbing.. VG/VG .....$39.00

88. Crausaz, Winston. Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltepetl: Geology, Archaeology, History, Natural History, and Mountaineering Routes. Elyria 1993. thick 4to 594p. A hand bound First Edition SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. Crausaz labored many years on the production of this beautiful book with much intriguing information on the area. A bibliography of over forty pages and hand colored illustrations and decorations. pasted on the cover is the native view of Orizaba printed and colored on NATIVE BARK PAPER. If you love the Mexican Volcanoes you will not be disappointed with this labor of love. Fine .....$125.00

89. Cutting, Suydam. The Fire Ox and Other Years NY 1947. sm 4to 393p. Rep. Attractive DJ with edge wear. Signed by Suydam and Helen (his wife?). Helen drew a figure of an elephant purportedly for good luck, on the FFEP Fine/VG .....$45.00

90. Danner, Wilbert R.. Geology of Olympia National Park. Seattle 1955. Pamphlet 68p. Corrected ed.. fine .....$15.00

91. David-Neel, Alexandra. My Journey to Lhasa NY 1927. 310p. First US Edition in surprisingly clean white cloth with paper title patch. David-Neel's tale ranks among the most daring of male or female traveller's with Lhasa as their quest. Near Fine .....$165.00

92. David-Neel, Alexandra. Magic and Mystery in Tibet. NY 1958. 320p. Introduction by Aaron Sussman added to this classic of Tibetan Travel. fine .....$12.00

93. Davidson,.Art. Minus 148: The Winter Ascent of Mt. McKinley.NY 1969.. A must read for lovers of tales recounting man's encounters with the edge. 1st Edition First Printing. FINE/FINE DJ......$50.00

94. Davidson, Art. Minus 148: The Winter Ascent of Mt. McKinley. NY 1969. Ex lib copy in decent dj, no spine mars. FINE/VG DJ .....$15.00

95. Dawson,.Lou. Colorado High Routes: Aspen-Vail-Crested Butte Ski Tours inclundng the Tenth Mountain Trail. Seattle 1986. wraps 224p. Dawson, a climber and avid ski mountaineer is the first to ski down all of Colorado's fourteeners. This guide includes topo maps and photos.Signed by the Legendary Lou Dawson Softcover. NEW......$12.00

96. De Beer, Gavin. Alps and Elephants: Hannibal's March. London 1955. sm. 8vo 123p. 1st ed. Lovely pictorial dust jacket. FINE/DJ VG .....$25.00

97. Dennison,.L.R.. Devil Mountain NY 1942..271p. Mountainous region of Venezuela. Angels Falls. VG $22.00

98. Detterline, Jim and Tony Reed. A Climber's Guide to the Mid-South. 1982. 140p. VG .....$15.00

99. Devall, Bill, ed.. Clearcut: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry. SF 1993. folio 291p. Enormous Softcover collection of photos illustrating the visual effects of clear-cutting forests. The photos cover all of North America's mountainous regions. An incredible piece of documentation. Fine .....$28.00

100. Diemberger, Kurt. Summits and Secrets UK 1971. 344p. Photo illustrated. Diemberger was with Buhl when he fell through a cornice in the Karakoram. His book is an incredible documentation of the life of an Alpinist with some chilling episodes. First Edition SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. VG .....$175

101. Diemberger, Kurt. Summits and Secrets UK 1971. 344p. Photo illustrated. First Edition Dust Jacket folded. VG/vg- .....$135.00

102. Douglas, William O.. Exploring the Himalaya: A story of the conquests of the highest and most perilous mountain range in the world. NY 1958. 177p. First Edition. Fine/VG .....$13.00

103. Dowling,.Phil. The Mountaineers: famous climbers in Canada...1979 Edmunton, By an ex CAJ president fine in dj.. .....$22.00

104. Dresser, J.A.. "Separates". NP ND. This item consists of 15 separately published geological papers by J.A. Dresser. Published between 1900 and 1913. They primarily concern Canada and petrography. Some areas considered are: Shefford, St. Francis Valley, St. Bruno, Mount Orford and Quebec. Bound by Cornell Geol. Dept.. VG .....$25.00

105. Dunham, Sam. The Goldsmith of Nome. Wash. DC. 1901. 12mo 80p. Gilt cover decoration. Sourdough Poetry. VG .....$65.00

106. Dutton, Capt. Clarence Edward. Hawaiian Volcanoes: Contained within The Fourth Annual Report of the USGS, 1882-1883. Wash. DC. 1884. 4to Over 100 pages with wonderful foldout panoramic illustrations and maps of the unspoiled Hawaiian mountains. Powell was director of the survey at this time. Also a large foldout map of the US including the Indian Territory and other anachronisms. VG .....$95.00

107. Dyhrenfurth, G.O.. To the Third Pole 1955 London, A bible for information on the highest peaks of the world Fine/VG.....$95.00

108. Dyson, John. The Hot Arctic Boston 1979. 290p. First Edition. Survey of the modern Arctic. Fine/Fine .....$12.00

109. Edwards, Rowland. Climbs on North Wales Limestone UK 1976. wraps 56p. Fine .....$14.00

110. Egami, Yasushi and Charles Houston. Journal of the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research. Zurich 1962. wraps 147p. The two cited authors works are in English, "The Ascent of Api" and "Acute Congestion of the Lungs at High Altitude", respectively. Other articles not in English by Gansser, Heim, Moravec and Hoff. SIGNED BY DR. HOUSTON. VG .....$25.00

111. Eggler,.Albert. The Everest Lhotse Adventure NY 1956.First Edition .First ascent Lhotse. vg......$7.00

112. Eggler, Albert. The Everest-Lhotse Adventure NY 8vo 222p. First Edition fine/VG.....$14.00

113. Elliot, Maj. J.H.. Guide to Nepal Calcutta 1959. 130p. First Edition. Three foldout maps. Fine .....$37.00

114. Enders, Gordon and Edward Anthony. Nowhere Else in the World NY 1935. 434p. INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR. VG- .....$27.50

115. Erickson, James S.. Rocky Heights: A Guide to Boulder Free Climbs 1980. NP 1980. 12mo wraps 280p. A nicely done guide photo illustrated. Fine .....$18.00

116. Etherton, .T.. Across the Great Deserts. NY 1948. 184p. Fine/VG .....$26.00

117. Evans, Charles. Kanchenjunga: the untrodden peak 1956 NY 1st ed. ch dj fine. .....$25.00

118. Fairclough, Henry Rushton. Warming Both Hands: The Autobiography of... including his experiences under the American Red Cross in Switzerland and Montenegro. Stanford 1941. 629p. Includes a very brief encounter with John Muir.. Near Fine .....$27.00

119. Farb, Nathan. The Adirondacks NY 1985. softcover 183p. Some of the finest photography I've seen of the Adirondacks. Rizzoli. Fine .....$12.00

120. Fendler, Donn as told to Joseph Egan. Lost on a Mountain in Maine: A Brave Boy's True Story of His Nine-Day Adventure Alone in the Mount Katahdin Wilderness. NH 1978. 123p. New edition illustrated with photos. Fine/Fine .....$22.00

121. Ferlet, Rene and Guy Poulet. Aconcagua: South Face. London 1956. 209p. French expedition on which the members narrowly survived .. Fine/VG .....$55.00

122. Fernandez, Fidel. Sierra Nevada. Barcelona 1946. wraps 167p. In Spanish. This book concerns the mountains of Spain. Photo illustrated. Foldout Map and pictorial DJ. VG .....$55.00

123. Fiennes, Ranulph. Mind over Matter: The Epic Crossing of the Antarctic Continent. NY 1994. 322p. First Edition. Fine/Fine .....$12.00

124. Firsoff, V.A.. The Tatra Mountains UK 1946. 128p. 3rd ed.. Fine/Ch DJ .....$25.00

125. Fischer, James F.. Sherpas: Reflections on Change in Himalayan Nepal. CA 1990. wraps 205p. First Edition, softcover. Color illustrated. Fine .....$10.00

126. Fisher, Marnie. Expedition Yukon. Canada ND. 4to 200p. Climbing during Canada's Centennial. Fine/VG .....$33.00

127. Fiske, Richard S. et al.. Geology of Mount Rainier National Park: Professional Paper 444. Wash. DC. 1963. 4to wraps 93p. Colored foldout map in pocket. VG .....$45.00

128. Fleming, Donald R.. Mountain Passes and Trails of California. SF 1979. The Book Club of California. A slipcased collection of Maps and 11 essays, each printed separately. FINE .....$32.00

129. Fletcher, Colin. The Thousand-Mile Summer: In Desert And High Sierra. Berkeley 1970. 207p. First Edition with DJ remnants pasted in t. A tremendous hike through mountains. Fine/Fine .....$13.00

130. Foreign Language Press, Peking. Planting the Five-Star Flag on Mt. Tomur. Peking 1979. wraps 103p. Ascent of Peak Pobeda by the Chinese. Fine .....$42.00

131. FREE Manning, Harvey. Mountaineering: Freedom Of The Hills Early editions FREE when requested with an order worth over $35.00

132. Frison- Roche, R.. First on the Rope NY 1950. Softcover 253p. Ace Paperback D-222. Cover blurb, "The finest novel about mountain climbing ever written." San Francisco News. Notable cover art. VG .....$27.00

133. Frome, Michael, Photos by Muench. The National Parks. Chicago 1987. Folio 160p. Rand McNally Pub. Beautiful photos, third prt.. VG .....$13.00

134. Fuchs, Sir Vivian and Sir Edmund Hillary. The Crossing of Antarctica: the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-1958. London 1958. 8vo 338p. SIGNED BY ED HILLARY. First English Edition. Fine/Fine .....$125.00

135. Garrison, John L.. Sun, Snow, and Skis: A Modern Guide to Eastern Skiing. NY 1946. 318p. A very entertaining history. VG .....$24.00

136. Gilbert, Wyatt G.. A Geologic Guide to Mount McKinley National Park Anchorage 1979. Pamphlet 52p. Large color foldout geological map in pocket. VG .....$17.00

137. Gilkison,.W.S.. Handbook to the Mount Aspiring National Park Dunedin 1974. wraps 70p. Fabric cover. New Zealand. Foldout color map, List of some early ascents and a nice foldout panorama. reissue of 1971. Fine......$12.00

138. Gilluly, James. Distribution of Mountain Building in Geologic Time. NP 1949. wraps 30p. Extract Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. Fine .....$12.00

139. Glowacz, W.. Rocks Around the World. SF 1988. 4to Large Format of world class climbing. FINE/DJ FINE .....$27.50

140. Goldmark, Josephine. "An Adirondack Friendship": Article in the Atlantic Monthly. NY 1934. wraps 10p. From the Letters of William James. Another illustrious intellect giant added to the pantheon of individuals with a deep love of the mountains. The article describes climbs in the High Peaks. Some edge wear. VG- .....$37.00

141. Goldstein, Milton. The Magnificent West: Yosemite. NY ND. 4to 210p. Large format photo book of Yosemite. The quality of the Japanese printing is excellent as are Goldstein's photos. Text of John Muir. Fine/Fine .....$35.00

142. Gos, Charles. Alpine Tragedy NY 1948. 282p. READING COPY. Good .....$13.00

143. Gribble, Francis. The Early Mountaineers London 1899. 338p. First Edition. Some wear probably from a lending library. VG- .....$135.00

144. Guerin, Mrs. E.J.. Mountain Charley: or the adventures of Mrs. E.J. Guerin, who was thirteen years in male attire, An autobiography comprising a period of thirteen years life .....Oklahoma 1968. sm. 8vo 112p. Univ. of Oklahoma rep. of the only known. Fine/Fine .....$27.00

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422c. Vyn Boennighausen, Arthur and Michael S. Johnson. Mt. Analogue: A Climber's Quest. NP 1998. Multi-media CD-ROM for Windows 95/NT4.0. An electronic book that Communicates the story of Knowledge Seekers attempting to ascend the mysterious mountain that unites Heaven and Earth. The book continues the story started by French mystic Rene' Daumal who died, leaving the novel to end in midsentence. Mt. Analogue is a Vision of a cosmic axis linking the human realm of civilization to a higher order of existence.. Color digital images, text and sound. Fine ..... $20.00

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454. Younghusband, Sir Francis. The Wonders of the Himalaya. NY 1924. 210p. Ex lib. VG .....$55.00

The Mountain World

Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research. London or New York 1953, 1954 ed. by Marcel Kurz; 1955-1968/69 ed. by Malcolm Barnes. I have many copies of all years. Most copies are VG - Fine. The series is hardcover with much important information often not found anywhere else.


Call with wants for specific years. Prices Range from $5 (Reading copy)-$37.50 depending on condition and scarcity. Each year shows some of the areas written about to help in knowing if your specific interest is covered.

The Mountain World 1953. Mount Everest 1952, Gosainkund, Bolivia, Peru, Greenland.

The Mountain World 1954. Mount Everest 1953 1st ascent, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Nanga Parbat, Ruwenzori.

The Mountain World 1955. K2 1st ascent, W Karakoram, Rakaposhi, Cho Oyu 1st ascent, Turkey, Cord Huayhuash.

The Mountain World 1956/57. Mount McKinley, Kangchenjunga, Makalu 1st ascent, Lhotse 1st ascent, Baltistan.

The Mountain World 1958/59. Mount Logan, Mexico Volcanos, Jirishanca, Cord Blanca, Gasherbrum II 1st ascent, Broad Peak 1st ascent, Chogolisa, Machapuchare, Manaslu 1st ascent.

The Mountain World 1960/61. Mount McKinley map (Washburn), Pobeda Peak, Rakaposhi, Haramosh, Gasherbrum I 1st ascent, Gasherbrum IV, Dhaulagiri 1st ascent, Trivor, Ruwenzori, Yeti.

The Mountain World 1962/63. Matterhorn N Face, Masherbrum 1st ascent, Nanga Parbat, Pumori, Pik Communism, McKinley, Staunings Alps, Antarctica.

The Mountain World 1964/65. Hindu Kush, Nanda Devi, Mount Everest W Ridge, Mount Huntington.

The Mountain World 1966/67. Eiger Direct, Afghan Hindu Kush, Mount Everest, Mount Kenya, Greenland, Peru, Aconcagua.

The Mountain World 1968/69. Hindu Kush, Chitral, Pik Lenin, Dolpo, Yerupaja Traverse, Mountains of New Zealand.

Early 20th Century Nature Magazines

{INCLUDE C:\\WINWORD\\EPHEMERA\\FORESTS.DOC INTERN_LINK1 \* mergeformat|American Forests and Forest

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Jan. 1925 C.H. Park. "The Lookout on Sour Dough Mountain. IV. The Fire Lookout's "Movie". " Thoughts upon the importance of the scenery for a ranger. Illustrated with "Stills" VG $16.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} July 1925. Lowdermilk, "A Forester's Search for Forests in China... across Yellow River Country". VG $10.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Oct. 1925. Aldo Leopold, "The Last Stand of the Wilderness" VG- $25.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Aug. 1926. Cover and Frontispiece is Mount Rainier, the latter with a group of climbers featured in the foreground. Mountain illustrations and an article on Rangers by Ansel Hall. VG $13.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} May 1928. Aldo Leopold. "The Home Builder Conserves", $17.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} May 1929. Nothing Noteworthy to me $5.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Aug. 1929. Unusually filled with mountain related articles. Fritiof Fryxell, "The Grand Tetons", Schmidt, "Afoot on the Yosemite: June, 1896", Grinnell, "King of the Mountains" [Glacier] and Bill Myers, "The Diary of a Park Ranger Reveals Many Thrills in the Winter Wilderness of Mount McKinley NP" Color illustrations VG-$75.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Oct. 1929 Titus Ulke. "Yoho" A Story of the Canadian Rockies. Rock Climbing on Mt. Balfour Photo. $14.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Aug. 1930. Fritz Skagway. "Rainbows of the Coast Range". VG $14.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Sept. 1930. Heister Guie, "Scenic Yakima Park, Rivaling the Glories of Paradise Valley". Eastern Rainier.VG $17.50

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h}American Forests

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Feb. 1932. George Washington centennial issue. Articles related to George or Federal areas $15.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h}American Forestry

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Sept. 1922. "Palm Canyon, California", brief article on an undeveloped Palm Springs. $10.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Nov. 1922. "Forestry among the Redwoods", and "Tree Felling as a Sport". VG $13.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Aug. 1923 "Trees" by Zane Grey, "Surrounded by Forest Fires", First prize winner of Ranger writing contest VG $15

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h}The American Field Naturalist

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h}A run of the first 8 issues, 1933-1934: An early appearance of a magazine, mimeographed stapled and Published by the American Naturalist's Association. Certainly hard to find. Principals include Robert Coles, William Hassler and Melville Cummin. The articles and notes are scholarly and focus on the Northeast. Notable exceptions are an article on Glacier National Park and an article by RICHARD BURDSALL, "COLLECTING BLUE SHEEP NEAR TATSIENLU". The later relates to the ascent of Minya Konka. Volume I No. 1 Through Volume II No. 3-4 All Eight Issues $95.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} More Magazines and Journals

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Ladies Alpine Club Year Book Years Years: 1930,32,33,61,68-72. Nine Issues of fascinating exploits and articles concerning women's Alpine Activities. Authors include Le Blond, Knowlton Pilley, Morin, Cameron and Hoeman. Mountains discussed from Japan to Denali. These are writings not found elsewhere in the literature. All VG-Fine $50.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Alpine Climbing Group Bulletins An early mimeographed 1957 issue, then 1966, 68-76. Tom Patey on Mustagh, Messner Interview, Pete Boardman. Articles on Denali, Polish Tatra, Yosemite and Norway. 10 issues. $65.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} BMC Bulletin of the British Mountaineering Council. 1950-1971, Sections include Accidents, New Climbs and Climbing in out of the way places such as Tonga!. There is a climbing film index, Videography? and articles by Noyce, Hunt and Moffat in tones not found in books. 15 Issues $70.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} Association of British Climbers of the Swiss Alpine Club. 1921, 30-47, 50-58, 63-69. 23 Issues. Early issues are notable for the description of the Club's Annual Dinner Parties with illustrious guest lists. 1942 Mt. Kenya attempts, Obituaries, Extracts in English from Les Alpes, Bruce, Collie $89.00


{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} May 1967. M.E. Alford. The Yukon Centennial Expedition. preview 3p. - $18

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} September 1967. "The Arctic Wildlife Range" A. Thayer. $9.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} August 1973. Bill Ruth, "Up the Traleika Spur to the top of McKinley" a new route up the mountain in 44 days. $20.00

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} March 1975. Laura Larsen and Sandy Kogl, "Dog Teams on Mount McKinley" - $13

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} October 1974. James Greiner. "Rescue From Devil's Canyon". First appearance of a segment of Wager the Wind, the book about Don Sheldon the glacier pilot. - $7

{SYMBOL 226 \f "Monotype Sorts" \s 9 \h} September 1974. Richard Harrington. "The Yukon's High Flyer". Story on Robert Dunbar, the first pilot to land at the 18,000 ft. level on Mt. Logan. 1p. - $12


Select Issues of National Geographic

*Jun. 1909. Fay, "The World's Highest Altitudes", no covers $35.00

*March 1910. Report. "Duke of the Abruzzi in the Himalayas" brief with photos. $25.00

*Jan. - June 1915. No mountaineering except for Sella photos Nice color foldouts on Washington DC.. ...$10.00

*Dec. 1912 Foldout Illustration by Fiala, "The Lure of the Frozen Desert" captures a team of dogsledders $22.00.

* Jan. 1913 "Honors to Amundsen and Peary" with a few illustrations $13.00

*May 1913. Single Issue Walcott. "The Monarch of the Canadian Rockies" Mount Robson. The size of the Mount Robson foldout that is included but sometimes sold separately, should be mentioned! 4 feet by 1 1/2 Having the pullout intact is rare. ...$45.00

*Oct 1913 - 6 Vittoria Sella Photos of the Cacausus $13

*Apr 1913 - In the Wonderland of Peru: the work accomplished by the Peruvian expedition of 1912 under the auspices of Yale University and the National Geographic Society. The entire issue is devoted to the expedition with a pullout panorama of Macchu Picchu. $37.00

*Aug. 1913. Hyde. "The Ascent of Mont Blanc" by Walter Woodburn Hyde. Many illustrations fine $25.00

*July - Aug. 1913. Hyde. "The Ascent of Mont Blanc":. ND. Title patch chipped else vg. Also an article on the Caucasus by George Kennan....$30.00

*Dec. 1913 - "Religious Penances and Punishments Inflicted by the Holy Men of India", The selection of photos illustrating the tortures is incredible $13.00

*Feb. 1914 Some mountain photos but mostly notable for the inclusion of the society's three color "Map of Alaska" $12

*April 1914 John Claude White, "Castles in the Air: Experiences and Journeys in *Unknown Bhutan" 16 pages photogravure in addition to the ills. in the text. Practically a book $20.00

*Feb 1915 - Hiram Bingham - The Story of Machu Picchu plus 11 extraordinary photogravures by Vittoria Sella $13.00

*Apr 1915 - Austro - Italian mountain frontiers $9.00

*Jul 1915 - "Glimpse of Mt. Rainier, Glacier National Park and Others" $13

*Aug. 1915. Henshaw, "American Game Birds", with 72 color ills. by Fuertes $12.00

*Nov. 1915 "The Citizen Army of Switzerland" with military ski photos $16.00

*Dec 1915 - "Alaska's New Railway" Illustrated $9.00

*Mar 1916 - " Panorama of Lhasa " taken by John Claude White approx. 30"x7"with tents of the Younghusband exp. included in photo. Also fantastic silvertone photos of the Canadian Rockies and more of Tibet by White... $20.00

*April 1916 10 x 25 inch Panorama of The General Sherman Sequoia in Sequoia National Park $18

*May 1916 - Bingham - Further Explorations in the Land of the Inca's complete pullout panorama and beautiful photogravures of the Mountains $9.00

*Sept. 1916. Mt. Athos $5

*Nov 1916 - North American mammals. Illustrations by Fuertes plus a foldout ill. of an Alaskan Brown Bear $7

*Jan 1917 - Griggs - "The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes" richly illustrated and a splendid photo essay, "Our Big Trees Saved" on the Sequoia $9.00

*July 1917 - Letters from the Italian Front. Many interesting mountain warfare photos in the Alps, two photos by V. Sella $13

*Aug 1917 - Large pullout photogravure of a Black Bear $6

*Apr 1919 - Ten Thousand Smokes -$8.00

*July 1919 - Roy Chapman Andrews - "Exploring Unknown Corners of the Hermit Kingdom" Photo essay on Korea $10.00

*Nov. 1919 - Middle East, Armenia and Turkestan $5

*Dec. 1919- Military Insignia Color illustrations $12

*Feb 1920 - Incredible Gymnastic skiing photos of the Dartmouth Outing Club and Sixteen Engravings of Winter Scenes $17.00

*Oct 1920 - Nepal: A Little Known Kingdom, John Claude White $8

*Jan. 1921 "The Argosy of Geography" a large foldout frontispiece of a now obsolete square rigged ship $13.00

*May 1921 "Western Siberia and the Altai Mountains", by Bryce, "The Mongols, People of the Wilderness" and a "New Map of Asia", Large foldout. $11.00

*June 1921 - America's Southwest. Chaco Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Native Americans

*July 1921 - "The Geography of Japan" by Walter Weston Several photos of the Japanese Alps $17

*Sep 1921 - Griggs - Our Greatest National Monument: An account of the NGS' completion of the explorations in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes plus Life Among the Peoples of Eastern Tibet Dr. A. L. Shelton $12

*Oct. 1921. South American issue including the new map of South America. Trail and Jungle in Ecuador, Over the Andes to Bogata $13

*Nov. 1921 - "A pilgrimage to Amernath, Himalayan Shrine of the Hindu Faith", Kashmir Article....$8

*Dec. 1921- Special on the Pacific Islands with a foldout map showing the Colonial Possessions there $12

*Aug 1922 - 7 Sella photos of mountain views $8

**Feb 1923 - With a 45 1/2"x9 1/2" pullout panorama of the Great Wall of China. $15

*March 1924 - "Geography and Some Explorers" by Joseph Conrad and an article on the Craters of the Moon, Idaho...Many Ponting Antarctic Photos $13

*April 1924 "Sakurajima, Japan's Greatest Volcanic Eruption" T.A. Jaggar $11.00

*Nov. 1924 - Joseph Rock, "Banishing the Devil of Disease among the Nashi of Yunnan Province, China. Some fine Vittoria Sella photos including Broad Peak $15.00

*Feb 1925 - 7 Sella photos of African mountains and people $12

*Apr 1925 - The Mother of Rivers: The Great Colombian Icefield of the Canadian Rockies - Lewis Freeman; The Land of the Yellow Lama - Joseph Rock $8

**Jun 1926 - The Conquest of Mt. Logan - H.F. Lambart $12

*Jul 1926 - Rivers and Waterfalls great photos $6

*Aug. 1926 "Great River Trenches of Asia" A wonderful read on the peoples of Northern Burma where the Salween, Yangtze and Irrawaddy run parallel within 50 miles of each other $7

**Oct. 1927 - William J. Morden - "By Coolie and Caravan across Central Asia" $&

*Nov. 1927- Special Supplement "Vasco de Gama $18

*Mar 1928 - N.C. Wyeth "The Discoverer", Pullout color Supplement $23

*July 1928 N.C. Wyeth Special Supplement "The Caravels of Columbus".. $22.00

*Nov. 1928 N.C. Wyeth. Special Color Supplement, "Map of Discovery _ Eastern Hemisphere" also Joseph Rock's, "Among the Lamas of Chouni" Plus a lengthy article on Marco Polo's discoveries with ills., color illus. $16.00

*Dec. 1928. Well illustrated article on "Renascent Germany", many in great color. $5

*June 1929. "Desert Road to Turkestan" Owen Lattimore $13

*Sept. 1929. Joseph Rock. "Experiences of a Lone Geographer" Great article $15

*Dec 1929 - Alpine Villages of Austria $8

*Oct 1930 - The Glories of Minya Konka - Joseph Rock with some splendid color photos of the area $13

*Nov. 1930. "To the Summit of Mount Roraima" $13

*July 1931. Joseph Rock. Devil Dancers; Konka Risumgongba-Holy Mountain of the Outlaws" $12

*Mar 1931 - On the World's Highest Plateaus De Terra $10

*May 1931. "Flying the Hump of the Andes", Aerial Photos $13

*Nov. 1932. Central Asia $8

*June 1933 Roy Andrews. Outer Mongolia $8

**Aug 1933 - The Aerial Conquest of Everest - L.V.S. Blacker $12

*May 1934 - Peaks and Trails of the Canadian Alps - Bryon Harmon $8

**Aug 1934 - Underhill - Manless Climbing article $8

***Mar. 1935 The first ascent of Mt. Crillon. Brad Washburn $12

**Oct 1935 - Demon Possessed Tibetans and Their Incredible Feats - Joseph Rock, Richard Byrd on Antarctica $15

*Jan 1936 Nomads of Central Asia $8

*Jun 1936 - Exploring Yukon's Glacial Stronghold - Washburn $8

*Jan 1938. "Adirondacks" $5

*Jun 1938 - Over the Roof of the Continent -worn Washburn $7

*Aug 1938 - Our Search for the Lost Aviators - Sir Hubert Wilkins $8

*May 1943 - Climbing Mighty Minya Konka - Burdsall and Moore $14

*June 1945 "Tai Shan" China's Sacred mountain $9

*Oct 53 - Hunza - Jean Shor: Carlsbad Caverns $3

*July 53 - Climbing on our N.W. Glaciers - Bob and Ira Spring $4

Aug 53 - Mt. McKinley Conquered by New Route - Washburn $12

*June 54 - Sierra High Trip - David Brower $3

*Nov 55 - Beyond Everest - Hillary $7

*Oct 56 - Switzerland - Jean Shor $3

*Mar 60 - Nepal. Toni Hagen author $5

*Jan 61 - New Look at Everest - Dag Hammarskjold $5

*Aug. 1961 Friendly Huts of the White Mountains, good $5

*Sept. 1961. Doig "Bhutan" $4

March 1962 Mountains of the Moon: Ruwenzori mountains in Africa $7

*June 1962 The Huascaran avalanche $7

Oct. 62 - Wintering in the High Himalaya - Bishop , School for Sherpas - Hillary $7

*Mar 63 - Sikkim - Desmond Doig $4

*May 63 - Testing Ground for Everest - B. Bishop $8

*Aug 63 - American and Geographic Flags Top Everest $8

*Oct 63 - Hornbein and Unsoeld traverse and other material on the expedition that put the first Americans on Everest. $12

*Sep 65 - The Alps $2

*Oct 66 - Sherpaland $3

*June 67 - First Conquest of Antarctica's Highest Peaks - Nick Clinch Signed by Nick Clinch $22.00

*May 68 - Cascades, proposed as new Nat'l Park $4

*Jan 70 - Diane Fossey, Mtn. Gorillas $2

*Nov 70 - Gangtok: cloud wreathed Himalaya - John Scofield $5

*Nov 71 - Antarctica, Nepal, Schaller's first snow leopards $8

*April 72 - Winter Caravan to the Roof of the World - Michaud Mongolia $5

*Mar 74 - Trekking the Frozen N.W. Passage - Colin Irwin

*June 74 - Half Dome the Hard Way -Galen Rowell's first journalistic foray $8

*Dec 74 - Pyrenees

*Dec. 1976 Torre Egger conquered - Donini

*Feb. 1979 Scofield Kathmandu's Newars

*July 1979 Mount McKinley Circuit - Gillette $5

*Oct 81 - Messner - Everest Solo $12

*June 82 - Mt. Everest Park- Hillary

*Aug 84 - Japanese Alps $5

*Jan 1985 Yosemite $4

*August 1986 High Road to Victory, "Pik Pobedy" $8

*Feb. 1987 Appalachian Trail article $4

*April 1987 Peter Scott - Antarctica and Andes $7

*July 1987 Kathmandu article and panorama $5

*Nov 88 - Nepal with Washburn Map of Everest $9

*Feb 1989 Mountain Photography; W.H. Jackson and foldout Teton Map $6

*Mar. 1991. Lechuguilla Cave $4

*Dec. 1992 Gatekeepers to the Himalaya, Sherpas $4

*Aug. 1993 G. Schaller. Tibet's Chang Tang $5


1969 $45 1970 $37 1971 $47

1972 $25 1974 $10 1975/76 $6

CANADIAN ALPINE JOURNALS 1907-1988 Long Run. bound to 1960 with tan cloth and gold lettering. Known to be the scarcest of Climbing Journals. This set in very fine condition. $2,600.00


1941 $35 1942 $35 1945 $35

1946 $35 46WAR $50 1948 $30

1947 $30 1948 $30 9/49 $23

1951 $30 1953 $23 1954 $18

1955 $29 1956 $16 1957 $27

1958 $32 1959 $35 1960 $33

1961 $37 1962 $75 1963 $75

1964 $29 1965 $30 1966 $13

1967 $13 1968 $30 1969 $50

1970 $12 1971 $10 1972 $7

1973 $7 1974 $7 1975 $15

1976 $10 1977 $12 1978 $10

1979 $10 1980 $10 1981 $9

1982 $10 1983 $10 1984 $45

1985 $10 1986 $10 1987 $10

1988 $25 1989 $17

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Near Disaster Cancels Messner Brothers Mission

Dangerous breaking ice and a close call with disaster has forced Italian explorers Reinhold and Hubert Messner to cancel their attempt to walk unaided across the North Pole.

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